Groves-Raines Architects

Cumbernauld 2059


Cumbernauld New Town, once voted The World’s Best New Town by the Association of American Architects, is now consistently voted the worst town in Scotland. This project attempts to contribute to the current debate on the long term future of Cumbernauld.

Through a critical analysis of the social, economic, environmental and spatial conditions prevalent within Cumbernauld, we have responded with a 53 year plan for the town centre. Using the original ‘1973 Cumbernauld Town for Tomorrow' promotional film as a starting point for our analysis, we re-edited the visual narrative which sees Cumbernauld placed within the context of a new European transport network and imagines the impact of this transport and distribution hub on the town centre and mega structure.

'Cumbernauld: 2059' is presented as an interactive installation set 53 years in the future It places the town at the heart of a new transport and land management system, designed to reduce Scotland's resource consumption and increase its resource production. Nine characters are presented through a series of short films that explore their daily lives within Cumbernauld in the year 2059. The means of improving transport efficiency, a way of linking the nation's facilities and the integration of new ecological strategies are also explored.
Using the original architect's drawings as a basis, seven murals were created together with an audio narrative to explore the architectural spaces within the mega-structure.

This work was produced in collaboration with Steven Orr. Photographs by Nisbet Wylie Photographs.

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