Groves-Raines Architects

A National Memorial for Organ Donors in Scotland


Our initial submission for this open competition for a new Scottish donor memorial, took the symbol of Alan Kain’s memorial seat, The Heart, as the starting point for a bold new work of woven concrete reinforcement bar (rebar). The work rises out of the ground to form two contemplative sheltered seating areas held within its curves. The walls of woven rebar would be gilded at the point at which they meet, thus marking this profound meeting of lives. The walls extend in to the landscape to form shallow terraces, defined by low sections of rebar acting as retaining walls. Details of planting and ground surfaces draw on RBGE’s extensive knowledge, to form elements sympathetic to the memorial and wider context of the gardens. The scheme was shortlisted and further developed in line with the donor group's suggestions and the proposed site's topography.

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