Natasha Huq at the Stone Symposium: The Case for Stone on Friday, July 12 05.07.2024
Scottish Design Awards 2024: Silver Award Winners 04.07.2024
Studio Day Out: Prestonpans 28.06.2024
Gunnar Groves-Raines at RSAW Spring Conference 2024 21.06.2024
5.06: The New Stone Age CPD with Pierre Biduad and Marcus Paine 10.06.2024
Advanced Conservation accreditation: Congratulations to Zoë Alston! 30.05.2024
198th Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition: RSA Architecture Prize 22.05.2024
Scottish Design Awards 2024 14.05.2024
House & Garden Top 100 interior designers and architects for 2024 03.05.2024
Collect 2024: Craft Scotland 03.03.2024
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Collect 2024: Craft Scotland


Congratulations to GRAS’ Alistair Byars and Rachel Houston for aiding Craft Scotland with preparation of this year’s show titled Close to Hand.

“The 12 makers selected will present some of the most ambitious work being made in Scotland today. Discover exceptional work in gold, silver and enamel, wood, seaweed, paper, ceramics, and woven and quilted textiles. From pieces inspired by marine ecosystems and Venetian architecture to work experimenting with processes and materials including woven books, 259-million-year-old rock and ash.”

Read more about the 20th Crafts Council’s prestigious annual show of contemporary makers at Somerset House via Craft ScotlandClose to Hand by Craft Scotland at Collect 2024 is open until Sun 3 March, Somerset House, London, WC2R 1LA.

Following the success of the 2016 showcase at London Design Fair, GRAS was re-commissioned by Craft Scotland and Emergents to design and build a stand for use at various shows throughout the years, including Collect 2024. GRAS developed a modular and reusable structure that provided a platform for each designer to showcase their own work, while also presenting the collective as a cohesive whole. The display was conceived to be highly engaging and elegant in its own right, reflecting the showcase’s focus on craftsmanship and design, while being subservient to the work being presented.

The components were designed to be durable and long-lasting, as well as being fully recyclable and reusable. They were also light enough for one person to lift and were sized to stack within one another for ease of transportation. All components were designed and built by GRAS at the Custom Lane community workshop. The installations could be mounted in two days before being dismantled and returned to Edinburgh for repeat use.

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