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GRAS lecture at ESALA, 28 Feb 2023


Last week, GRAS’ Estefanía Macchi in collaboration with Mairead Hammond gave talk to ESALA’s first year architecture students as part of the Architectural Design: Assembly 2023 studio led by Michael Lewis.

A Timeless Architecture was a conversation about buildings that transcend time. It developed around the strong relationship between Architecture and materials, focusing on the significance of the existing, History and tradition. It presented stone as an intrinsic Scottish material, a timeless resource, and described its application at Lundies House and Preston Tower, two GRAS projects introduced as two timeless buildings. To highlight the versatility of the material across different scales, the lecture described as well the objects GRAS have designed in stone, emphasising the importance of touching, smelling, seeing and hearing a material to understand its properties and its potential.

Estefanía Macchi: “We gave the lecture to ESALA first year Architecture students, an audience that is at the beginning stages of their Architectural path with everything to learn, and they showed themselves engaged with the topic asking relevant questions at the end and touching and observing the stone samples that we had brought along. We are grateful to ESALA for inviting us to share our passion for buildings and hopefully transmit some of the values that our work is based on with the students.”