Groves-Raines Architects


GRAS is a Scottish design studio, formed in 2006 as part of the established conservation practice Groves-Raines Architects Ltd.

We aim to produce progressive, sustainable and ambitious design solutions through thorough research and the rigorous analysis of any given brief. Our work is driven by an intuitive, yet highly responsive approach rather than a predetermined style and we strive to achieve levels of excellence in all of our work, irrespective of project budget, client or brief. We look to push the boundaries of what is typically understood as architecture, often entering the fields of product design, graphics, audio visuals and art.

We adopt an inventive but reflective attitude to design, always looking forwards but mindful of the past. Working in parallel with conservation experts we understand the significance and value of our built heritage and traditional crafts. We see quality in traditional design, materials and crafts that is often lacking in contemporary buildings: solidity, permanence, proportion, hierarchy, human scale and timelessness and we seek to explore these qualities in our contemporary work. At the same time we seek to embrace opportunities afforded by emerging technologies, materials and techniques and strongly believe in the value of collaboration with craftsmen, artists and designers.