Groves-Raines Architects

James Morrison Street


Originally bought by Nicholas Groves-Raines and Kristin Hannesdottir in the 1980's the basement at 11 James Morrison Street was a disused part of a category B-listed city centre tenement block. The basement lay disused for over twenty years until GRAS was formed in October 2006. GRAS initially took occupancy in the small ground floor shop and began work developing the space beneath them.

New thoroughfares and stairs were formed to link a series of previously inaccessible and disused basement spaces. Great efforts were made to maximise the available floor area and ceiling height while trying to retain a sense of the space's dramatic catacomb-like character. Perimeter walls were lined out while supporting buttresses formed in rough sandstone and handmade bricks were repaired and left visible where possible.

Front shop products and photographs by GOODD Ltd.

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