RIBA House of the Year 2021 13.11.2021
EAA Awards 2021 commendation for Treen 28.10.2021
Kyle House receives RIAS Award 2021 07.09.2021
Conservation Architect
We are seeking Conservation Architect 13.07.2021
In conversation with The Modern House 10.03.2021
Lundies House in Dezeen 01.08.2020
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Fringe Festival
Fringe festival 2

This proposal seeks to create a highly functional, flexible and adaptable series of structures which reflect the creative energy and diversity of the Fringe Street Events, while providing the conditions to maximise the engagement and enjoyment of visitors. These structures will be designed and built with a consistently bold visual style, connecting all components from entrance gate to market stall to stage.

The physical configuration and appearance of each backdrop, stage or entrance gate can be simply configured to suit the ever-changing performers’ requirements by manually rotating, sliding or moving components. The alteration of the structure is at first functional: to provide a backdrop which best suits a specific performance; to provide some shelter from the rain; or to communicate a new message to reflect the day’s activities. When extrapolated over the length of the street, these alterations will have playful and surprising results.


Edinburgh, Scotland