Groves-Raines Architects

Loch House, Scottish Highlands


Pre-fabricated modular house type suitable for a variety of sites in the Scottish Highlands. The principle ambition of this project is to create a series of high quality dramatic but functional spaces which have a strong relation with their natural surroundings in every direction and make effective use of natural light and ventilation. The square plan means the building can be sited in many different locations without significant alteration while the plan can be easily rotated or mirrored to suit different orientations and access points. The living / dining room is the largest space, located centrally and connected via covered external spaces to each of the four external elevations. This space is connected directly to each of the surrounding internal spaces: study / library, art studio, kitchen and the main bedroom. Each of these spaces can be opened to the surrounding wilderness and living spaces or they can be closed to create more intimate, private spaces. The large glazed openings to the main living space provide dramatic, framed views to the surrounding loch and woodland and a large roof-light allows clear views to the sky above.

The building has a simple, rational plan and utilises common tried and tested materials and techniques to create a unique, sculptural building. The outer walls consist of a well insulated timber frame, cedar clad construction which weathers naturally over time allowing the building to gradually blend in to its surroundings as a result of local weather patterns. The roof is also constructed using a well insulated timber frame, clad with lapped cedar boards as is commonly found in the traditional buildings of Scandinavia. The continuous timber cladding on all external faces gives the building a clear sculptural identity.

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