Tim Taylor’s new artwork at Hidden Door Festival 2023 31.05.2023
Kirsty Watt and Charlie Porter’s Architecture Fringe 2023 event: Unseen At Night 30.05.2023
Eduardo Paolozzi Mural in Leith: Planning submitted 12.05.2023
TALKS AT THE LANE: Season 2 Creative Scotland Crowdmatch Campaign 23.03.2023
GRAS lecture at ESALA, 28 Feb 2023 08.03.2023
Part 3 Exams: Congratulations to Charlie Porter and Kirsty Watt 03.03.2023
The Gathering Hand Exhibition: Custom Lane 01.03.2023
Stephen Copp’s archaeological work recently published in ‘On the Edge of a Roman Port, Excavations at Koutsongila, Kenchreai, 2007-2014’ 08.02.2023
New Roles at GRAS: Technologist 22.12.2022
Studio Day Out — Glasgow for the day 07.12.2022
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TALKS AT THE LANE: Season 2 Creative Scotland Crowdmatch Campaign


We are delighted to announce the launch of an exciting crowdfunding campaign from TALKS AT THE LANE.

The campaign is being delivered as part of Creative Scotland Crowdmatch 2023, through which Creative Scotland commits to match pledges from the crowd to the total of £10,000. Funds raised will enable the Talks at the Lane team to create a vibrant programme of talks and corresponding exhibitions for Season 2. The capture of high quality audio content will allow the dialogue from this series of intimate gatherings to be shared and enjoyed more broadly.

We invite your generous participation in the project, which presents a rich offer of rewards from Custom Lane’s resident community, for individuals and organisations alike. We welcome you sharing news of the campaign with your respective communities and consider that a valuable contribution in itself.

Learn more and take part here and via @talksatthlane

TALKS AT THE LANE is a lively and engaging series of discussions around the themes of design and making, hosted in a relaxed, social setting to foster dialogue both during and after the talk. Season 2 will focus on material- engaging with designers and makers whose practice is concerned with the use of sustainable materials, their practical application and cultural meaning. The programme of discussions, and accompanying exhibitions, will reflect on contemporary material culture, bringing together architects, makers, and designers to support and promote more ethical and sustainable practice.

TALKS AT THE LANE began as a conversation within GRAS about how an obligatory programme of continued professional development could be elevated into something that inspired and engaged beyond the individual practice, connecting with the community of creative residents based at Custom Lane as well as the wider design community. Hosted by  Custom Lane,  Season 1 invited a range of speakers that included local emerging practitioners as well as established national and international makers and designers.

Season 1 speakers featured: Izat Arundell & Collaborators, Rural Office for Architecture, STUDIO NIRO, Clancy Moore Architects, Assemble, Karl-Heinz Schmitz, wHY, IF_DO Architects, Sebastian Cox, Graux & Baeyens Architects and Bronwen Sleigh.